Do users leave your page? Eliminate the guesswork and find out why

Put your analytics data in the right context - through a combination of objective user feedback within our optimization framework.

Eliminate guesswork and increase your sales with CONVERSIONRAMP


Analytics data tell you what happens, we tell you why

With CONVERSIONRAMP you can set your analytics data in the right context, using objective user feedback. With our framework we are able to remove subjective opinions and help you, through the process of optimization, to prioritize correctly. By asking your users the right questions on each URL, we identify the biggest improvements you could make on each individual page, so that you can address these first.

The aim is to improve the conversion and consequently the overall performance of your website, app or newsletter and to simultaneously measure your brand loyalty.

With our tool you can identify why visitors to your website do not convert and you can generate specific recommendations for what steps to take next.

The Results Analysis

The results are automatically processed in the partner backend and all relevant components of your  brand loyalty  and conversion are displayed.

Customer loyalty is continously measured and weaknesses in the conversion funnel brought to light.

How Does It Work ?

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    We gather user feedback along the natural click flow when the user shows their intention to leave the site or pauses their activity.
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    The user can evaluate the current website using our CR- Feedback Box.
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    The user is rewarded with a voucher for his or her feedback.
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    In the CR Analytics Panel, you can view all relevant data components of your customer loyalty and conversion Likelihood Index.

Quick Start

The setup only takes 15-30 minutes.

The integration takes place as a JSON -interface with a few lines of code per copy paste.


Finances under Control

Payment is purely perfomance oriented per rating and transaction.

In addition, you can increase your conversion by offering a voucher.

Completely Flexible

We align the CR-Feedback Box with your CI -colors.

The partner voucher offers for your shop can be customized.

This ensures that vouchers from competing companies do not appear.

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